Fleas have existed for millions of years! People are bothered by fleas biting their pets. fleas can cause disease. Only 5% of fleas in your house live on your pets! Others live in the couch, the rug and stuff. Flea pupae split out of their cocoons If theirs warmth and jump on a pet/animal or person. Fleas can jump 4 feet high! Fleas are amazing!


Hercules beetles (also known as Rhinoceros Beetles) are the strongest animals on earth. They can lift objects over 850 times their weight! Sometimes, two male rhinoceros beetles will fight over a female. Whoever flips over the other male wins. If you were as strong as a Rhinoceros Beetle you would be able to lift six Elephants on your back. We have some Rhino Beetles in Arizona, they live in higher elevations though. I’ve always wanted one as a pet! (:

If you have an idea of a bug you want me to write about let me know. If you are wondering how to tell me you can just send it through a comment for me to approve of. Here are some pictures of bugs you can look at for fun.

You can probably tell by the title that this post is about Bombardier beetles. Did you know that out of all animals beetles are the most common? now here are the facts.

1. Bombardier beetles can spray powerful spray from their rear, They can shoot it so fast that it goes several times their body length. Once Charles Darwin put one in his mouth while he tried to catch two other beetles. Oops…

2. they use their spray to go across the water.

3. They use it to get away from predators. You sure have to watch out for stuff in the bug world! That spray could eat through a bugs outer shell. Yikes!

Just like I promised, more information. This information is about praying mantis. They can only spot moving prey and are good for getting rid of pests, such as aphids. They have sharp claws but cannot hurt like a tara-, I will tell you about that later ;). Praying mantis will hiss if scared, they will also spread out their wings for a very scary look. By the way, If you ever come here (on august 11 especially please.) please leave a comment (only if you have one.) Remember, all bugs, Insects, and arachnids I know have compound eyes. Exept my sister ;).

This is my collection of insects, arachnids, and bugs. I’ve caught a mantis, a longhorn, a wind scorpion, a rose beetle, a tarantula hawk wasp, a small wasp witch I don’t what it is, and a rare blue weevil. I am nine years old and live in Tucson  Arizona.

Here are some interesting facts: A tarantula hawk wasp, Stings a tarantula Then lays its eggs on the paralyzed spider. The eggs hatch and start eating the live tarantula. Then, they burst out, full. I have more for later.

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